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Fan Contributions

By Saffy M(click to see fullsize)


DOT FOREVER  by 'Abfablea'

Dot, you’re the most amazingly, astounding girl… man (?)… person I’ve ever known.

Below your SO beautiful eyebrows, your face is the perfect example of human innocence (of human dullness ??)…

You can’t do anything correctly but you do it all the same.

Your so particular ‘Dot face’ will bring you the greatest fame (?)

You like pets and pets don’t like you.

You kill them and put your dirty hands in their ashes ; they want to pee on you.

You like May and she despises you….

You never wash, do you ??

I don’t think so : even from my television, you stink a kind of crap’n’dust flavour.

Your lack of hygiene must have no equivalent in the whole wide world.

For all these virtues, ô Dot, my friend, I dare say it, you’re the best.

I swear allegiance and faithfulness to you until death parts us (hope it will be quite soon).



.::thE PledGe::.

I hereby swear to uphold the standards of personal hygeine, intellectual pursuit, and work ethic exemplified by Dot for as long as I shall live.
(Amen optional).