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"That's one of Christina Aguillera's poos because it's long, stringy and grey."

"Yeah, we just seen him do it"


"Was he wearing spectacles?" (May)

"Does (pronounced doooous) he dot" (May)

"Posh just shat herself and now she's eatin' it!"

"Have I still got my eyebrow?"

"You were meant to cover that up Dot!" (May)

"Ticket Dot- where there tickets?" (May)

"Dont touch the animals"

"we got kiddie batting"

"We got foot'n mouth"

"Betty puts the ashes on her roses"

.::thE PledGe::.

I hereby swear to uphold the standards of personal hygeine, intellectual pursuit, and work ethic exemplified by Dot for as long as I shall live.
(Amen optional).